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Open Your Store

Here you will find details on the entry process, the different types of stores that can be opened via Tmall.hk, and the documents required to get started and launch your store. Be sure you're ready to invest the necessary time and resources into your store launch, as opening and running a store on Tmall.hk will require strong commitment.

Entry process:

  • 1
    Entry Prep
  • 2
    Store Application
  • 3
    Store Development
  • 4
  • 5
  • · Determine compatibility and resource requirements
  • · Assess prerequisites
  • · Determine needs from third party service providers (TPs) more
  • · Create logistics plan
  • · Prepare necessary documents
  • · Reserve technical resources
  • · Begin API integration more
  • · Complete negotiations and sign contracts with TPs
  • · Sign Tmall.com/Alipay agreement
  • · Open Alipay compatible bank account
  • · Plan product offering (SKUs)
  • · Plan product categories
  • · Plan pricing model
  • · Establish customer service team
  • · Build store page with products
  • · Build product detail pages
  • · Develop and execute API integration
  • · Develop new opening plan
  • · Develop promotion plan
  • · Upload store pages to Tmall.com
  • · API integration online
  • · Store live on Tmall.com

Required Documents

Store types:

  • Flagship Store
  • Flagship Store (Marketplace)
  • Authorized Store
  • Specialty Store
  • The products shall have the relevant trade mark registrations in Hong Kong or have applied for but pending the approval for a registered trademark in Hong Kong.
  • If Merchant is a brand owner, they shall provide the trade mark registration certificate for their products.
  • If Merchant is an exclusive authorized dealer, he shall provide the trademark registration certificate for the products and the letter of authorization for selling his products.
  • Merchant shall have or have applied for a Class 35 trademark (the “Service Mark”) in Hong Kong for its brand.
  • If Merchant is the owner of the Service Mark, the Merchant shall also provide its trademark registration certificate.
  • If Merchant is not the owner of the Service Mark, the Merchant shall provide the Service Mark and evidence of their exclusive authorization to use or operate a store on Tmall.hk Website using the Service Mark
  • The products shall have its trade mark registration in Hong Kong or have applied for but pending the approval of its trademark registration in Hong Kong.
  • If Merchant is not the owner of the trademark of its products, he shall also provide evidence of his authorization to operate a store on the Tmall.hk platform.
  • Evidence of product source, and invoice of the products purchased.
  • The name of the shop shall not infringe the legitimate rights of others.
  • Specialty store types may sell products of up to two categories

Tmall is an open platform with a self-service onboarding system and generally does not involve itself with store establishment. To request assistance from our Tmall Global business development team, please complete the application form and submit to apply.tmallglobal@service.alibaba.com for review