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Fee Schedule

Security Deposit

This one-time fee (frozen on Merchant's Alipay account) is used as collateral in the case of any damages incurred by Tmall.com or any customer, unfrozen upon termination of the Tmall.com Service Agreement.

  • - Flagship Store, Franchise Store:™100,000RMB; ® 50,000RMB
  • - Specialty Store: ™ 150,000RMB; ®: 100,000RMB
  • - Specialty Categories:
    • Flagship Store of a multi-brand marketplace - 150,000RMB
    • Specialty stores sell merchandises produced outside of Mainland China and the trademarks of those merchandises are not registered in China(Fruit, import products, etc) - 150,000RMB
    • "Book/Audiovisual" primary category operators: Flagship store and franchise store - 50,000RMB; Specialty store - 100,000RMB
    • "Service" and "E-tickets" primary category operators - 10,000RMB
    • "Online Gaming and QQ", "Mobile Fees", and "Travel" primary category operators - 10,000RMB
    • "Medicine/Medical Service" primary category merchants - 300,000RMB
    • "Cars and Car accessories" and below 1st class "New and Used Cars" primary category merchants - 100,000RMB
    • For information on first-class categories, please consult: //a.taobao.com/detail/2011/11/10/533509/1.php

Tmall.com reserves the right to deduct from the Deposit an amount equivalent to the damage incurred by Tmall.com or any customer. Should the Security Deposit be less than the required amount, the merchant must cover the difference within 15 days. Should the merchant exceed the deadline, Tmall.com will close the store until the payments are received.

Annual Technology and Service Fee

This fee is payable to Tmall.com yearly for services rendered. This fee is dependent upon the merchant’s registered primary category and is refundable if certain conditions are met.

  • - Merchants operating on Tmall.com must pay an annual fee. Depending on the merchant's primary product category, they may be charged either a fee of 30,000 RMB or 60,000 RMB. For information on product categories and pricing, please consult the below Commission Fee schedule. //www.tmall.com/go/chn/mall/cost-standard.php
  • - Merchant's signing or renewing contracts in 2012 will pay the stated 2012 annual fee if renewing before December 26, 2012. Merchants signing or renewing after December 26, 2012 will be subject to the 2013 annual fee.

Annual Fee Return:

As encouragement for merchants to increase their quality of service and grow their businesses on the platform, Tmall.com will conditionally return the annual technology and service fee. The fee return is dependent on two requirements: Detailed seller rating (DSR) and annual sales (not including shipping). In order to acquire annual fee return the merchants must achieve annual sales requirements (two refunding levels: 50% or 100%) and in any circumstance the DSR average must not fall below 4.6. The yearly sales requirement is dependent upon the sum recorded in the "Transaction Successful" account during the time period stipulated in the agreement.

Annual Fee Calculation:

The annual fee will not be returned in the case of the advertising or selling of counterfeit goods or any other rule infringing activity. Should the Tmall.com Service Agreement be terminated by either party’s written notice or because of the merchant’s failure of fulfilling its obligations in probation period, Tmall.com will calculate the amount of annual fee return based on the actual operating period of the merchant.

If the merchant and Tmall.com's agreement becomes effective within 2013, the first month is exempted from the annual fee. The cumulative sales figure measured at the end of the year will begin counting the first day the store opens on Tmall.com. If the time period of the merchant and Tmall.com's agreement extends beyond 2013, sales figures from 2013 will not be included in the next year's calculation of total sales: The "Transaction Successful" account's cumulative figure will not include sales from 2013. The annual fee return will be made after the termination of Tmall.com Service Agreement. The "New Car/Second-hand Car" category yearly fee is stipulated in the merchant's signed "Tmall.com Service Agreement".

Merchants applying for multiple categories will pay the highest annual fee of the categories they are operating, however when calculating the amount of annual fee return it is based on the category with the highest sale volume.

Customer Loyalty Program

There is an additional 0 .5% deduction (or higher at merchant’s discretion)per transaction which accumulates for Tmall.com to reward consumers in future promotions.

Commission Fee

Tmall.com charges a small commission fee based on the category of the product sold.

Fee Schedule